Made in Abyss review

Apr 15, 2021
I write this with the biased perspective of a Christian.

Though, as is obvious to note, all perspectives are biased due to our individuality and experiences in life. That being said, if anyone has similar biases as me, then this review is for you.

Others have written about this in other reviews, but I feel it important to add my voice to theirs because what this manga portrays is absolutely appalling and horrific to anyone who values the lives of not just children, but human beings. Like a frog put in warm water only to be boiled, there isn't as much child pornography (yes, child pornography) in the beginning of the story. If you're like me and saw the anime first, then you also may think it won't be so bad because the anime is so beautiful and breathtaking that you hardly think about its depictions of these children which are utterly abused in the manga.

I don't want to go into detail because I don't feel I need to--others have done that I believe for the most part. Honestly, all you need to know about this story is that the writer is very disrespectful and perverted to be drawing and writing these things. To bask in the suffering of children in the ways as depicted in this story is nothing short of a disgrace. It pretends to be something it is not--literally a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Basically, to sum up my harsh and dramatic review, the anime was so interesting that we forgot about the somewhat awkward things that disturbed us, but the manga shows that it truly is an absolute garbage story in my utterly biased and proud of it perspective.


Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Автор Tsukushi, Akihito